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Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes April 2007.

    The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. at the library.
    Present: Frazer, Peik, Ridihalgh, Kerns, Leo, Pixler, and Macken
    Absent: None
    The minutes were approved as written.
    The library bills for April were reviewed. The city took over the payment of the old library utility bills effective April 1, 2007. Open Access money is being used for purchasing books and Enrich Iowa money is being used for continuing education and the summer reading program. Ridihalgh moved to approve the bills. Seconded by Frazer. Approved.
    The board reviewed the handout to be given to the council at the meeting with the board to be held at the library at 7:00 p.m.
    Two 2 cushion benches matching the 3 cushion benches have been ordered from Jones Library Sales for the meeting room vestibule.
    Outdoor sign light has arrived but needs to be installed.
    Mark Owens from Fairbank will be refinishing the rest of the old library furniture including the yellow table. Since the yellow table is walnut, it was decided to refinish it instead of painting it black. Macken will check for options on another casual black table to be purchased for the YA area.
    Macken will contact B & L body shop about repainting the drawer fronts on the microfilm cabinet black.
    Leo reported that Modern Woodmen have up to $600.00 available at Corner Market to be used for purchasing replacement trees, arbor vitas, and shrubs.
    Donor board final drawings will arrive in a week along with a new quote which excludes the table tents.
    Leo has received 8 definite “yeses” for the “Oelwein” art work. The board discussed important land marks to be incorporated into the piece. OCAD and Mercy Hospital should be included.
    Frazer reported that the meeting room drapes ($3,375.00) and 8 blinds ($1,792.00) for the staff work areas have been ordered from Furniture Showcase and should be ready in about 6 weeks. Frazer sent Furniture Showcase a Thank You note for the framed flag picture that was donated to the library.
    Pixler will see if Hallmark carries the Jim Shore nursery rhyme resin figurines.
    Tom Stewart will bring a 2’ cement planter from the city for the board to consider. Perhaps these will work in the parking lot as a barrier to direct patrons to the drive ways. Larger city planters may work between the sidewalk and the curb to block access to vehicles to the bike path. Three would be needed to add balance and create a border.
    Macken will purchase a replacement outdoor flag for the pole from Concord Company. Many years ago, a burial flag had been given to the library. This flag will be donated to the Legion to be used for such purposes.
    The FFA will seed the grass.
    Macken announced the Nancy Akin has been hired as the new assistant librarian replacing Mary Chase who is retiring. She will begin work on April 30. Will Frazer, a page, will be graduating from high school. He will no longer be working at the library starting May 15. A two page schedule has been adopted. Pages will work from 4:30-8 on weekdays and 11-5:30 on Saturday and 2-5:30 on Sunday.
    Macken presented statistics on Sunday attendance. It was noted that patrons liked coming to the library on Sundays. Discussion was held on the possibility of adding more months of Sundays to the schedule which would affect the budget. As more research needs to be done, the matter has been tabled until Fall.
    At 7:00 p.m., the board welcomed the council members; city attorney, Ron VanVeldhuizen; city administrator, Steve Kendall; and Mayor Larry Murphy.
    Novak feels the building project is complete and that the retainage for
Larson Construction should be released. All agreed that the meeting room concrete pad which has been causing problems with water and ice build up should be addressed and fixed.
    Leaves need to be cleaned out of the gutters and downspouts through-out the year.
    It was suggested that the Streetscape Project also seed the library lawn when doing the rest of the downtown.
    The parking lot will need to be re-painted. This will probably get done in June.
    In dealing with the water damage due to the leakage from the roof and lack of caulking, the warranty should cover another year of winter. Novak needs to finish the lights. A walk-through will occur upon the 1st year anniversary of the building.
    The Saur property will probably close in about 4 weeks. Then, work can begin in cleaning up the property. It would be nice to have the property cleaned up in time for the Tractorcade in June.
    “Trees Forever” will also be a source for replacing trees.
    The donor board final drawing should arrive within a week.
    The LCD projector and sound system should be installed within the week.
    The board updated the council on the progress made with the contracts with Hazelton and Stanley.
    The board gave the council a tour of the new library and pointed out goals and projects to be done.
    The board finished their meeting after the council departed.
Gene Vine had stated that he could donate shrubs.
It has been difficult to find artwork for the niches which measure 48”X36”. Different options were discussed.
Three Magic Eye art prints need to be chosen. Each board member is to choose the three they prefer in the 22”X34” range.
Macken reported that the petty cash was unbalanced by a deficit of $20.00. She notified the custodian and staff. The petty cash bag has been moved to a more secure location.

Meeting Adjourned, Susan Macken

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