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Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes December 2007.

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes, December 13, 2007

The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular meeting on Thursday December 13, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. at the library.
Present: Leo, Frazer, Peik,  Ridihalgh, Pixler, Kerns, and Biddinger.  Also present Jake Blitsch from the Oelwein Public Library Friends. 
Absent: Macken.
The minutes were approved as written.

Blitsch gave Friends report:  They have a balance of $1221.72 in their account, with 55 members, 34 whom are active.  Their next meeting will be Monday, January 21, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. They are trying different times to see what will be best.  An article in the paper will invite prospective members to attend.
The book sale brought in $330.50.
Two of the items on their wish list are a PA system and a wheel chair.
They will also try to fill the outreach delivery requests.
Jake and the Board discussed the Sticks note cards.  It was decided that the cards would sell for $20.00 for a set of 10.  The library will pay the bill of $1,000.00 out of the Bequest Fund and the Friends will then reimburse the library and keep the profit.
Peik also mentioned that Wendall Mohr would be willing to do a seminar where he would do a painting at the library.  The painting would then be auctioned or raffled off that evening.  Leo would like this to be held before the school year ends so that some of the art students would be able to attend.
Blitsch left the meeting.

The bills were reviewed.  The electric bill is about ½ of what it has been, $877.58, and the Board hopes that the Geo-thermal is now taking effect.  Leo took a copy of the bill along with the report from Novak, to see if this is the case. 
The building line was discussed.  Dean's Light Box was over $300.00 because some ballast had to be replaced.  It was decided to see if Schmidt, the custodian, or someone locally can take care of this job.  Ridihalgh moved that the bills be approved.  Peik seconded the motion.  Approved.

Because the book drop is at ground level, there has been some problem with ice build up on the sidewalk blocking the book drop door, so the staff has a problem getting books and newspapers from
the box.  Macken will get an estimate for a cement pad in the spring.  This may be something that someone in the city would be able to do.

The Johnson Memorial was discussed.  Frazer and Leo went to The Guild to look at some local artists.  They brought back two pottery pieces by Dennis Sanborn.  The Board decided to keep one and have Sanborn create two companion pieces. 
Pixler showed the print he made of the old library photograph.  He will continue to work with it and enlarge it.

Kerns reported that the library does not need a permit from the DOT for a sign since the sign is on library property.  However, the library will need to get a permit from the city and have it installed by a licensed electrician.

Sherry Smith, who had requested to talk to the Board about the Internet policy, did not come to the meeting.  She had been working on a school project on a busy day and was asked to finish when her hour was up because there were others waiting to use the internet.  She felt that someone who is
doing homework should have a longer time than those who are playing games.  The board discussed the issue.  It was decided to keep the policy as is and continue working with students by allowing them to use the laptops if all other computers are busy.  We will also try to get the one computer that is not working operational. 

Employee absenteeism was discussed.  The absenteeism should be documented with the employee. The employer will sign the documentation and that will go into the employee file.  No policy was adopted at this time.

Ice jams on the roof was discussed.  Leo said that Harris Cleaning charges $150 an hour for two men to melt the ice from the roof so that heat tape could then be put into the gutters.  They will not be able to do this until either Friday the 14th or the following week.  Kerns suggested that Moss roofing may
also do the job.  They will be called.

The addition of 4.5 hours to the Children's library position was discussed.  It would add additional $2,277.00 to the budget.  It would bring the position to 25 hours a week.  The original position was for 28 hrs before the employee in that position asked for reduced hours.  This will allow the librarian to introduce more programs for children with the assistance of the Friends.  Ridihalgh made
a motion to increase the position to 25 hours a week.  Peik seconded the motion. Approved.

Holiday closings were reviewed.  The library will be closed Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.  The library will close at 5:30 New Year's Eve day.  Because Easter is March 23 this year and the library is open on Sundays from January through March, the Board decided to close that Sunday.
It will be open the following Sunday, March 30, 2008 which will be the last Sunday opening of the year.

Meeting adjourned.
Edith Biddinger
Assistant Director

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