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Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes February 2007.

    The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Thursday, February 8, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. at the library.
    Present: Peik, Vine, Macken, Frazer, and Pixler
    Absent: Leo, Ridihalgh, and Kerns
    The minutes were approved as read.
    The library bills for February were reviewed.
It was noted that the electric bill was high at $2058.58.
The board decided to move the Computer Contract line item amount of $209.96 into the Bequest Fund as that amount has exceeded the budget allowance. The remaining quarterly payment for the Computer Contract will come out of the Bequest Fund.
The Janitorial line item has exceeded the budget amount. It appears that supplies were minimal before moving into the new library. Consequently, items needed to be purchased for the new building. Also, usage of the new facility has greatly increased and more paper products have been used.
The Office Supply line is nearly spent. Macken noted that $714.42 had been used in July for newspaper ads while advertising for the new director. The board decided to move that amount into the Bequest Fund as it is an unusual expense.
The Book line item has approximately $1500 left which includes gifts and donations that will be amended into that line item. This month, the World Book Encyclopedia was replaced at a cost of $839 as the library’s set was 3 years old. New state books were purchased at a cost of $299 to replace a set from 1974. Heritage Microfilm is the company that films the Oelwein Daily Register. Their bill was $777. The Wall Street Journal renewed at $215 and the Cedar Rapids Gazette at $236.95. The board decided that these purchases are necessary and that it is important to keep new and accurate material available to our patronage. Therefore, they approved of using the Bequest Fund to supplement the Book budget as needed.
The City Council will be closing out the Construction Fund effective June 30, 2007. The remaining 1% sales tax money will go towards economic development. Macken will purchase two poster frames to be used in the children’s area to display posters. She will order a Cat in the Hat poster through the American Library Association in honor of that book’s 50th anniversary in March.
Frazer brought a sample of a rug for the reading room. Lowes has this 10x13 rug at an approximate cost of $675. Members present approved of this rug. Another option is to bind a carpet for approximately $635.
Signage for the interior of the library which is ADA compliant has been ordered through ASI Modulex. The Donor Board needs to have its final review. Macken will check with Snitker about a review copy in a legible size. Snitker and Don Frazer will re-check the financial categories.
The fireplace safety screen is being modified as the brick was laid such that the screen can not bypass the brick to go on the fireplace.
The lighting for the outside sign and the restrooms is on order.
Macken will buy picture frames for the posted Emergency guidelines. A removable tab will be used to hang them on the wall.
Ice is accumulating in the gutters by the meeting room and the runoff from the roof is accumulating on the cement pad in front of the doors instead of draining away from the building. Larson’s and Novak’s have suggested heat tape in the gutters and downspouts. The Council and Board feel strongly that this is a “fix” for a design flaw and want it to be addressed. Macken will take pictures of the problem area and contact Larson and Novak. The City Administrator, Steve Kendall, will be notified.
Furniture Showcase will present different options for the window treatments in the meeting room.
The outside benches paint has started to peel. Larson’s came to look at the benches and felt that skateboards had caused the problem. The board will investigate further when the weather has cleared.
Macken noted that employees from surrounding businesses have been using the library parking lot to park their vehicles while at work. On occasion, especially while meetings are held at the library, parking is limited. The parking is intended for patron usage. If the problem persists, the problem will need to be addressed. Discussion was held on the possible need to have a space and tie-out available to accommodate the Amish patrons.
A proposal was left at the library for pest control. When the need arises, the board would prefer to use the local pest control service, Gage.
Peik and Macken will be attending the next Hazelton and Stanley city council meetings about increasing the contractual amount with our library. Presently, each of these cities has been paying approximately .37 per capita. The contract has not been reviewed for at least 17 years. Peik will suggest $10 per capita effective July 2007 and adding $1 per capita per year until the amount is 75% of Oelwein’s amount.
The Iowa legislature has voted to increase the minimum wage to $7.25 to be achieved in two incremental steps. By April of 2007 the wage will be $6.10 and by January 2008 it will be $7.25. This will affect the library staff salaries. Macken and Peik will revise the salary line item proposal to submit for the City Council’s consideration.
Staff member, Mary Chase, will be resigning in April as she will be retiring. The board would like to express their thanks for her service. A new staff person will need to be hired. The amount of hours needed will need to be determined.
A page wanted to know if a piercing on the face would be considered inappropriate for work. The board determined that it is not in the policy nor could piercings be included in the policy. Therefore, it is solely up to the individual.
The Genealogy Society would like to donate their copy machine to the library. Macken will inquire as to the age of the unit and the cost of parts for repair. The Genealogy Society plans on applying for a Fayette County grant to go towards the purchase of a new microfilm reader-printer at a minimum cost of $5000.
The library needs to submit more specific goals and objectives for accreditation. Macken will draft a preliminary document for review.
There are some auction items remaining in the old library. Peik will call the owners of the remaining items with a deadline of March 1 for pickup.
Pixler updated the board on possible mantle clocks for the reading room. The board would prefer a sizable mantle clock with numbers but no key wind or chimes. Pixler will check what VanDenover Jewelry has for options.

Meeting adjourned, Susan Macken

The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees will meet on Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 6 p.m. at the library.

    Coffee donations : $35.38    Magazine donations : $23.25
    Jan. material circs : 4893    Feb. material circs : 4028
    Jan. computer use :     1146    Feb. computer use : 1078

    Roll Call
    Minutes Approved
    March Bills Approved

Unfinished Business
        Roof, Gutters, Insulation, Caulking
        Water damage
        Donor Board
        Meeting Room – Tile, Telephone, Window Treatments, Art
        Refinishing Old Furniture, youth table
        Signage – ASI quote, Demco
        Children’s Area – Furnishings, Face-out shelving
        Light pole Cover
        Dieter Recognition?
    Accreditation – Approve Long Range Plan
    Old Building – Remaining Auction Items
    Hazelton and Stanley Contract
    Salary Proposals
    Hire new Assistant Librarian – timeline, training wage?

New Business
    Walt Sauer Property
        City Purchase
            Thinning trees and brush
            Mowing – increase Schmitt Contract
        Sidewalk/Footbridge for additional parking?
    Downloadable audios - contract
    Picnic table or bench(s) with back
    Baker and Taylor Account – staff use   
    Sell slide projector?
    Retire Posinsettias?
    Remove Temporary Patrons policy

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