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Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes July 2007.

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes July 10, 2007

    The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. at the library.
    Present: Peik, Leo, Frazer, Ridihalgh, Kerns, and Macken. Also, City Attorney, Ron Van Veldhuizen and Ken Davenport from the North East Iowa Library Service Area.
    Absent: Pixler
    The minutes were reviewed. Macken noted that Councilman Roger Carlson from Hazleton had contacted Peik about the library contract instead of the Hazleton mayor.
    The bills for June were reviewed and approved.
    Discussion was held on the Hazleton and Stanley contracts. Van Veldhuizen and Davenport presented different options in regards to the Hazleton contract. Davenport recommended turning over the Hazleton contract to the Buchanan County Libraries because: 1. Hazleton is in Buchanan County, 2. maintaining the contract has been time consuming, and 3. Hazleton will not be paying much more than the tax collected. He also recommended terminating the Stanley contract June 30, 2008 as they are in Buchanan County.
    The board questioned whether Open Access funds will continue for the upcoming years. Davenport assured the board that this is not likely to fade away as the legislature has put additional funds into this program.
    Peik moved that the library discontinue its contract with the city of Hazleton who should look to their county for a contract, based on the advice of Ken Davenport. Seconded by Frazer. Approved.
Peik moved that the library accept a contract with Stanley for $200.00 for one year. Seconded by Frazer. Approved.
    Davenport and Macken will draw up a 28E agreement for Stanley and compose a letter stating the benefits for all parties in turning over the contracts to the libraries of Buchanan County. These documents will be reviewed by Van Veldhuizen and approved by the board. A copy will be given to the Buchanan County libraries.
    Van Veldhuizen left the meeting.
    Peik will re-plant the birch tree when Corner Market delivers the tree.
    Peik will ask Durango Steggall about using day lilies from the city beds which need thinning for the planters.
    Building updates include: men’s restroom mustiness will be investigated this week, tile grout in men’s restroom will be fixed this week, the interior and exterior repainting will be finished this week, Oelwein Glass caulked the windows. Macken will show Larson’s another water stain discovered above the large windows in the children’s area.
    The donor board is scheduled for completion on July 24 with installation goal date of July 30.
    Macken reported that Kendall recommended Schmitz mow the additional library property. The board will need a formal estimate from Schmitz.
    The Library Appreciation Day is set for Sunday, September 30, 2007 from 2-4 p.m. Macken will notify OCAD. [Note: OCAD is notifying the Ambassador’s and Miss Oelwein]. Peik will notify Christy Vilsack. A planning day is set for Wednesday, August 1 at 1 p.m. at the library.
    Kerns presented different promotional ideas for the board’s consideration. Frazer moved to order from Kerns and Company 1000 pencils in assorted colors with yellow print reading “I [heart shape] reading @ Oelwein Public Library” at a cost of $.13 each plus a $20.00 set up fee. Seconded by Ridihalgh. Approved. Kerns offered to donate an additional order of 1000 pencils.
    Frazer moved to purchase from Kerns and Company 500 2”x 3 1/2” magnets with a color picture of the library, phone number, and web address at a cost of $.28 each. Seconded by Peik. Approved.
    Macken reported that the digitized Oelwein Daily Register newspapers should be ready by Friday, July 13 as well as the downloadable audios. The Web Catalog has been installed, but we are still working on some technical issues.
    Some patrons have complained about cell phone use in the library. Peik move to have a Cell Phone Use policy. Seconded by Frazer. Approved. Cell Phone Use policy:  For patron privacy and in consideration of other patrons, cell phones will be turned off or placed on vibrate when entering the building. If a call needs to be made or taken, patrons will go to the library’s main entrance or leave the building. Refusal to comply with this policy or its intent will result in the patron being required to leave the library.
    Macken reported that the State Library is offering a “Libraries on the Prairie” workshop in Ames August 13-14. All expenses are paid including mileage, hotel, and meals through a grant from the Gates Foundation. Additionally, all attendees will have all expenses paid including mileage, hotel, meals, and conference fees for the    upcoming Iowa Library Association Conference in Coralville October 10-12. Macken suggested and the board agreed that this would be an opportune time to send an additional staff member to the ILA conference.
    Macken distributed end-of-the-year totals for the Library Budget, the Construction Fund, and the Bequest Fund. There was a balance left in the library budget of $82.50 after including the requested amended amounts of $15,500 for utilities and $4,500.00 for salaries.
    The Bequest Fund earned $16,457.74 in interest and had an ending balance of $419,309.71. Deposits included $4,941.00 from the auction and $1000.00 from the Elliott memorial.
    The Construction Fund total spent for this year was $313,851.78.
    Macken distributed the Annual Report for 2006-2007.
    Some complaints were voiced on the APEX Energy meeting that was held in the library. The company was seeking prospective buyers for their product, the room was crowded, and the Plaza could have earned revenue by accommodating the meeting. Macken said that she had taken the reservation and had not realized that APEX had plans beyond conducting a meeting. In the future, Macken will verify the type of meeting to be held.
    The Board considered different artwork. An acorn and oak leaf pottery dish with lid made by Sharon Neff from Ely, IA and displayed at the Iowa Artisans Gallery will be purchased for $75.00. It will join a plate made by Terry Grimley that was donated by his sister, Val Green. The board would like to purchase some fossils offered by the Iowa Artisans Gallery.
Paintings for the niches were discussed. Larson’s have donated money to be used towards this. They have expressed a preference for an Iowa artist for the board to consider. Kyle Hach will be contacted to see if he could paint something with a style and coloring of other art in the library.       
Meeting Adjourned, Susan Macken       


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