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Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes June 2007.

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes June 14, 2007

    The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Thursday, June 14, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. at the library.
    Present: Peik, Leo, Pixler, Macken
    Absent: Ridihalgh, Frazer, Kerns
    The minutes were approved as written.
    June bills were reviewed. Macken noted that Novak Design will receive the final payment of $3,107.51 as they have completed the lighting for the outdoor sign and the patron restrooms. A few budget adjustments will show up in the June expense report. O’Brien and Frazer had been paid for more hours than recorded in the time book. An adjustment of $62.00 will be made. Also, a credit of $14.98 had been subtracted instead of added into the 408 Book line. The end of the year budget is on target when factoring in the request for an additional $15,500.00 to cover the utility line and $4,500.00 to cover the salary line. The library bills were approved.
    Macken reported on building updates. Doug Larson toured through the library to see what building issues needed to be fixed. The drywall is being repaired and repainted. Wallpaper will be fixed. Damaged ceiling tiles will be replaced. The men’s restroom suffered water damage due to the ice dams. Consequently, a musty odor has developed. Larson will determine the source and replace the problem area. Also, the tile floor has dropped about ¼” along the west wall of the men’s room. This will be fixed. Peeling paint on the outside steel beams will be fixed. The staff room door hinges need to be adjusted. The back splash laminate on the countertop in the reading room has pulled away from the wall and will be repaired. Oelwein Glass will caulk around the windows which will, hopefully, solve the water leaks on the west wall. Leaks at the main entry doors will need to be repaired. As it was raining on the day Larson was here, Doug saw the puddle of water that had accumulated on the cement pad by the meeting room entrance. The cement pad will be re-poured.
    A thank you note will be sent to Gene Vine for his contribution of providing for the landscaping around the new outside sign lights. His name will be included in the donor book. Macken reported that she had contacted Erdelt about taking his picture by a tree for the newspaper. As he has not been able to make arrangements, a thank you note will be sent. Steve Loban offered to fertilize the library flower planters when he is doing the city planters. Peik will try planting day lilies in the planters to be placed on the north side of the library. If they survive the winter, he will also plant them in the south side planters.
    Macken will ask Dean’s to remove the light bulbs from the old sign lights when he comes to replace the ballasts. Dean’s responded that a replacement outdoor sconce would cost a little over $1000.00. The board decided not to order a sconce to have on hand.
    The board noted that the trees were being thin out on the old Saur property and the library is much more noticeable. It is understood that this is a two year project as the dry run first needs to be cleaned out before any landscaping can be done. Leo reported that the council decided that it would be best to hire, for example, Schmitt to mow this property at the same time as the library property instead of the Parks department. Schmitt will receive compensation for the additional mowing.
    Macken reported that a replacement LCD projector bulb costs $299.24. The board decided to order one as the library will need to have one on hand when the bulb burns out.
    The Rockwell prints will be hung according to the order in Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms speech:  of speech, from want, of religion, and from fear. The board considered some samples of artwork for the niches, but no decision was made. The 3-D art will be framed when Hobby Lobby offers a sale on framing. Some of the Jim Shore pieces have arrived and will be placed on top of the children’s area shelving.
    Furniture Showcase will hang the blinds on Friday. The curtains should be done in July.
    Macken reported that the library’s new website is available.
    The summer reading program, “Get a Clue @ your Library,” started June 12. Eighty-four children have registered for the youth program and 14 young adults have come to the teen program. The library will participate in the upcoming Oelwein Celebration parade. Leo offered to participate and will provide a golf cart as an option.
    The mayor of Hazelton contacted Peik about the library contract with Oelwein. Hazelton council will be deciding upon the contract amount. Their next council meeting is Wednesday, June 20. VanVeldhuizen drew up a sample contract with 3 different formulas for increasing the contractual amount. Leo moved to use Formula 2 which starts at the agreed upon base cost with the fee increasing at a per capita rate of $1.00 per year thereafter until the per capita fee equates to seventy-five percent of the averaged per capita cost to provide the Oelwein Public Library to the residents of the City of Oelwein. Seconded by Pixler. Approved.
    Macken inquired as to the warranty on Oreck vacuum cleaners. Since the warranty was not any better than the warranty on the Hoover vacuum requested by Schmitt, Leo moved to purchase the Hoover Commercial Conquest C1813 Upright vacuum for $405.88. Seconded by Pixler. Approved.
    Macken showed the letter received from the State Library acknowledging the Oelwein Public Library’s Tier 3 funding status and accreditation.
    Frazer will donate a book to be used for recording memorials to the library used towards items other than books.
    The board approved of the use of the meeting room by the non-profit organization, Bead for Life.
    Effective May 29, Ruby Campbell no longer worked enough hours to qualify for vacation time. Therefore, her accumulated vacation time to be used will be 11/12 of a week or 4.5 days.
    The board reviewed the salary schedule for FY 2007-08 to be submitted to the City. There is a +$698.92 allowance.
    The registration policy was changed to read that all United States citizens can be issued an Oelwein library card.
    An Appreciation Day will be scheduled for the month of September.
    The election of officers was held. Peik made a motion to accept Leo as president and Frazer as vice-president. Seconded by Pixler. Approved.
     Meeting Adjourned, Susan Macken

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