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Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes March 2007.

    The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. at the library.
    Present: Ridihalgh, Frazer, Kerns, Leo, Peik, and Macken
    Absent: Pixler

    The minutes were approved.
    The library bills for March were reviewed. Macken pointed out that the slip printer from Demco was not compatible with our circulation system and was returned. Fayette library upgraded their circulation system and sold us their old slip printer, which is compatible with our software, for $50.00. A new one would have cost $600.00.
    We are receiving a credit on our telephone bill because of the E-rate program we participate in.
    The board discussed the utility bill. Leo stated that the February geo-thermal utility bill for Parkside Elementary was $1200. In talking with Mr. Irvine, we have learned that geo-thermal is more efficient after the first year because the soil settles around the loop supply eliminating air pockets. Also, it is best to leave the temperature setting constant. Macken will inquire which temperature is most efficient. He checked the temperature of the loop supply and noted that it was in the appropriate temperature range.
    The board discussed the utility bill for the old library building. A letter was sent to the City Council on December 28, 2006 turning the upkeep and responsibility of the old building over to the city. Kerns recommended sending another letter to the Council turning over the building, contents, and bills to the City. Peik will call Reinert about removing the last of his items from the auction. Ridihalgh made a motion to remove the utility bill for the old building from the claims. Leo seconded. Approved.
    The new library has suffered water damage on the ceilings and walls of the men’s rest room, the reference room and the reading room. Representatives from Larson’s and Novak’s have made numerous visits to evaluate and solve the problem. There was concern over the amount of ice build up in the gutters and downspouts and ice dams that had built up on the roof. The police department used their heat detector to locate hot spots on the roof and in the attic. Stewart from the street department photographed the roof on the morning of a heavy frost which indicated where warm spots existed. He also discovered areas on the outside brick which had not been caulked. Artic Insulation returned and discovered a couple of spots where the insulation had been disturbed and damaged by construction crews which caused heat loss into the attic. These areas were fixed, extra insulation was blown into the eaves, the amount of baffles was doubled to increase ventilation, and the Atrium beams were wrapped. The caulker, Lee System Seven, was called back to complete his job. Part of the job was complete before bad weather arrived.
    Macken will request a response from Larson Construction that they will cover the cost for repairs. When the one-year anniversary of the new building arrives, a final walk through of the building will be conducted. At that time, Larson’s will make the final repairs of anything that has surfaced over the year. The board would like to have someone knowledgeable in building construction represent the library during the final walk-through. The board would like to express their appreciation to the city employees who did an impressive job in helping to solve the problem.
    Frazer will pick up the two rugs for the reading room. Rug pads will be purchased locally.
    The safety screen for the fireplace is supposed to arrive the first week in March.
    Leo reported that Connie Kerns will frame the Seuss lithographs. VG’s has some locally made pottery for us to consider and board members will view Sanborn’s Gallery for his artwork. Greenery will be purchased to accent the Lion King figures. Frazer will ask Furniture Showcase for a catalog of canvass art. Peik showed the Norman Rockwell art for the meeting room. Framing will be chosen by Frazer, Leo, and Ridihalgh. Artwork for the niches will be purchased from memorial money in honor of Jim Elliott.
    The library will commission a specialty piece of art on “What We Love about Oelwein.” Letters have been sent to Oelwein businesses that have been established for at least 50 years to contribute $200 to this piece. Their business will be incorporated into  the artwork. To date, she has received positive responses from the First National Bank, Jamison and Schmitz Funeral Homes, and Leo’s Restaurant.
    MinCo Electric is waiting on a projector part before installing the LCD projector, sound system, and VCR/DVD.
    The signage bid from ASI was reviewed. Mary Jo Snitker and Don Frazer met to review the donor board. They checked for proper spelling of names and checked that each name was in the proper category and included in the proper category. They have requested one more paper copy from ASI and Frazer will be contacting one donor that has not made payment. As the donor board is engraved, individual mistakes can not be changed.
    The bid for the table tent signs was for $62.20 each. Demco offers another type for $10.19 each. Leo moved that all of the signage from ASI, with the exception of the table tents, be purchased. Seconded by Ridihalgh. Approved. Leo made a motion to purchase the table tents from Demco. Seconded by Frazer. Approved.
    When the trees come into leaf this spring, a thank you will be placed in the paper for Erdelt for his donation of trees and help with the initial planning of the landscape. He will be added to the list of people to note at the Grand Opening.
    There is a large coffee stain on the meeting room rug by the counter top. As it is likely that this problem and other spills could occur frequently, the board decided to replace the carpet in front of the countertop with a row of the left-over tile. Macken will get a bid from Walker and Conerd for laying the tile and for 3 10 X 13 rug pads.
    Schmitt Telecom fixed our telephone/fax line problems. They also set up a phone line in the meeting room. Long distance calls are blocked. As the phone jack is located in an unhandy place, Macken will ask Schmitt if there is a portable phone available that does not require a jack but works from a base phone.
    Furniture Showcase will be making the window treatment with black-out lining for the meeting room. After the fabric is chosen, they will take approximately six weeks to make. Furniture Showcase would like to donate a flag picture to the library.
    Peik will contact Dave’s about refinishing the rest of the old furniture.
    A work session date will be determined to pick out children’s soft seating, face-out shelving, and window treatment fabric.
    It would cost $93.00 to replace the broken light pole base cover. We will wait until after the snow has melted to see if anymore covers have been broken.
    Final Long Range Plan goals were reviewed. Leo moved to accept the goals. Seconded by Frazer. Approved.
    Peik and Macken attended the Hazelton City Council meeting on February 21, 2007 to present the annual report and request an updated contract. Currently, Hazelton pays .37 per capita for library services ($350.00) Macken pointed out that Hazelton collects $659.00 from the .0675 library service tax. A recommended rate is 75% of the income from Oelwein per capita ($20.12, 75% - $15.10). The board proposed starting July 1, 2007 at $10.00 per capita with an increase at a rate $1.00 per year until the 75% rate is reached. The board has received no response from Hazelton. Peik will call the Hazelton City Clerk for an update and notify them that we will be sending a proposed contract which is to be drawn up by the Oelwein City Attorney.
    Iowa Code 256.69 mandates both city and county support of public libraries. Cities without libraries are required to arrange for library services.
    Peik will be attending the Stanley City Council meeting March 12, 2007 about re-negotiating their contract with Oelwein Public Library.
    The board requested $142,950 for salaries. The minimum wage will be raised from $5.15 per hour to $7.25. This increase affects our pages and some of our assistant librarians. The council approved $130,670. Macken submitted 3 salary proposals for the board to consider. Leo moved to accept Plan A which will give Macken a 4% wage increase and the assistant librarians an increase of $1.10 per hour. Pages will receive an increase to $6.20 beginning April 1, 2007 then $7.25 effective January 1, 2008. Two hundred eighty-eight (288) vacation hours will be covered. Seconded by Ridihalgh. Approved.
    The Library Board was notified that the city purchased land from Walt Saur which is adjacent to the library property for the sum of $45,000. The money for the purchase came out of the Library Construction Fund. The board expressed disappointment at the lack of communication between the Library Board and the City Council over the purchase. The Library Board objects to the use of the Library Construction Fund to purchase land for the city as this money has been designated for the construction and furnishing of the new library. Upon completion of the library building project, the remaining funds will be available for Economic Development.
Also, before the new building was designed, the board decided not to purchase this piece of ground. It is the city’s prerogative to purchase the land or not, but the library board will not be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the adjacent property.
Also, the library board requests the Library Construction Fund remain open beyond the current fiscal year as the project is not complete, physical adjustments are still being made, and we anticipate some yet unresolved construction issues.
Peik will write a letter expressing the Library Board’s concerns and sentiments.
The board noted that there are positive’s to the city’s acquisition and quality care of this highly visible piece of property.
The Library Service Areas will be starting a consortium of interested public libraries to purchase downloadable audio books. Over 4000 audios will be available for checkout via the library’s website. Audios can be downloaded onto an MP3 player or burned to CD. The board approved of joining the consortia and contributing $35.00 a month. All money collected above the subscription cost will be applied towards additional audios.
The board approved of the staff use of the library’s account through Baker and Taylor. Materials can be purchased at a discount and shipped free of charge. Staff members will reimburse the library.
The slide projector will be placed for sale at the upcoming book sale.
The policy on temporary patrons will be removed. All patrons will be issued Oelwein cards. Frazer moved to remove the policy on temporary patrons. Seconded by Leo. Approved.
Pixler purchased a panoramic view of downtown Oelwein from 1907. The photograph will be matted the same as the maps. Ridihalgh mentioned a Lewis and Clark map has been offered to the library as a donation for the board’s consideration.

Meeting Adjourned, Susan Macken
        The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees will meet on Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 6 p.m. at the library.

    Coffee donations : $17.52    Magazine donations : $23.25
    Book Sale : $456.41
Feb. Circulation : 4028     March circulation: 4494
Feb. Computer use : 1078     March Computer use : 1298

    Roll Call
    Minutes Approved
    April Bills Approved

Unfinished Business
    New Assistant Librarian
        Increased Hours
        Page Schedule

New Business
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    Meet with Council
        Saur Property
            Outstanding Projects
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