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Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes for May 2009

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes May 14, 2009

The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 6:15 p.m. at the library.

Present: Kerns, Leo, Pixler, Gilson, Ridihalgh, and Macken
Absent: Peik

The Agenda was approved.
The minutes were approved as written.

•    Oelwein Elementary Guidance Department sent a thank you to the library for participating in the annual Safety Fair. Over 500 people attended. The library had a display on the upcoming Visions of the Universe traveling exhibit and handed out bookmarks listing events.
Friend’s Report:
•    The booksale/bakesale netted a little over $1400.00
Director’s Report:
•    A card stamping workshop will be held Saturday, May 30 at 1:00 p.m.
•    Ms. Schweer’s science classes developed a Powerpoint slide show for Earth Day which was shown at the library.
•    Garden Club will plant the flag pole area and planters on May 20 at 5:30 p.m. Some of the flowers have been purchased.
•    County Appropriation for Oelwein increased $200.00 for FY2009-10 and will be $19,946.56.
•    Energy Audit report should be ready in two week.
•    School Construction class delivered the tool shed financed by the Friends of the Library. By request, the class mounted a sign inside the shed that includes the date and the signatures of the teacher and students who built the shed.
•    The Oelwein Public Library Foundation has been established. Officers are Wayne Saur, president; Marybeth Jaggard, vice-president; Dorothy Sparks, secretary; and Jerry Buhr, treasurer. Other members include Linda Ridihalgh, Mike Kerns, and Susan Macken. An account has been established at Community Bank.
•    Many school classes from Oelwein Community Schools and Sacred Heart will be visiting the library in the upcoming weeks.
April bills were reviewed. Ridihalgh moved to accept the bills. Seconded by Gilson. Approved.

Repairs on the water damaged drywall will be finished this week. The painting will be done next week. Repairs to the damaged light fixtures and sensors will be done when replacement parts arrive. The electrician is investigating solutions to the lights on the west side of the library that are too dim on sunny days. Macken showed the board two areas that receive inadequate lighting due to fixture placement. Dean’s Lightbox suggested can lights in those areas. He will send a quote on the cost of these lights.

Gilson made a motion to remove $4,200.00 from the book budget which will be supplemented from the Bequest Fund. Seconded by Ridihalgh. Approved. This amount reflects the predicted state funding the library hopes to receive which is intended to supplement the library budget. The City Council had already included this amount in the library’s budget of $200,000. Consequently, the materials budget has been reduced to $2,946 compared to the FY2006-07 budget of $15,124. The other options were to close the library the equivalent of one day a week or reduce staff. Since library usage and programs has increase, the board did not choose those options.

Macken is reviewing automation systems. The staff is trying demonstration sites for two systems.

The board chose to participate in the FY2010 Enrich Iowa program. A copy will be sent to the City Council so they are fully aware of the consequences if this state funding is used to supplant the library budget.

Ridihalgh moved to accept the revised Research Policy. Seconded by Pixler. Approved.

The board discussed options for purchasing an outside LED messaging board to be used to advertise and promote events and programs. Macken will ask city hall for an application for the hotel/motel tax grant money which is used to encourage tourism.

Macken will be on vacation from May 29-June 7.

Meeting Adjourned,
Susan Macken

Oelwein Public Library Work Session May 20, 2009

    The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held a work session on Wednesday May 20, 2009 at 4:45 p.m. at the library.
    Present: Ridihalgh, Peik, Leo, Kerns, and Macken
    Absent: Gilson, Pixler

    The board discussed whether to order and outdoor messaging center immediately or to wait for the next grant applications cycle. The board would like to choose a sign as soon as possible if the sign could be ready in time to advertise the upcoming Visions of the Universe traveling exhibit. Macken will request a demo unit so the board can compare the clarity between pixel sizes. The library will apply for the hotel/motel tax grant.
    Water damage repairs are in progress. The board decided to paint the damaged exterior restroom walls instead of repaper. Exterior walls are more susceptible to water damage and wallpaper does not allow the wallboard to dry and mold will grow. The wallpaper will be stripped on all restroom exterior walls.

Meeting adjourned,
Susan Macken

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