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June 2012 Board Minutes

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes June 14, 2012


The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. at the library.

Present: Gilson, Leo, Kerns Peik, Sherrets, and Macken

Absent: Berryman

President Gilson called the meeting to order.

Kerns moved to approve the agenda and the minutes. Seconded by Peik. Motion carried.

Correspondences: none


Friend’s Report:

  • As a fundraiser, framed stained glass windows from the glass used in the library’s stained glass windows will be available for purchase for $100.00. Interested parties can enter their name in a drawing commencing June 28. On July 16, ten names will be drawn.
  • $1300.00 in book sale money was given to the library.
  • Plans are underway for a fundraiser where citizens can have their DVD’s and CD’s cleaned and repaired by the Friend’s using the disc repair machine.
  • Friends will pay for the opportunity for 25 children to attend a “Magic Lab” held at the library on August 8 at 2:00. Children will learn how to do magic tricks.
  • Scott Cawelti will give an author presentation on his new book, Brother’s Blood: a Heartland Cain and Abel, on July 24 at 6:30. Friends will pay for his mileage.
  • Friends will help serve refreshments at the author presentation for Janet Laird and her book, Surviving Widowhood on June 22 at 2:30.

Director’s Report:

  • Amanda Taylor will be taking Public Library Management II beginning June 28.
  • The Iowa Legislature is restoring $500,000 to Enrich Iowa funding for libraries.
  • The Iowa Legislature is allocating $150,000 from Iowa Workforce Development “to the state library for the purpose of licensing an online resource which prepares persons to succeed in the workplace through programs which improve job skills and vocational test-taking abilities.” The Learning Express online resource will be made available to Iowa libraries to help assist job seekers.


Bills were reviewed. Leo moved to approve the bills. Seconded by Peik. Motion carried.


The Credit Card machine has been in use for a couple of weeks. The board would like to continue offering this service as initially set-up and not allow persons to use a credit card for refundable deposits.


Applications have been received for the youth services position, but the applicants that were offered the position have accepted other employment. The search process will continue.


The board discussed possible replacements for the Library Trustee position that will be open due to the retirement of Steve Peik.


Macken applied for and was one of 25 accepted into the Iowa Library Association Leadership Institute to be held in Cedar Rapids July 17-19. The board would like an announcement to be placed in the Oelwein newspaper.


The Director reviewed the results of the Annual Survey of Iowa Libraries. Libraries are grouped into different categories according to city population.  Areas of concern:

  • Collection Expenditures was well below the 25th percentile (Oelwein spent $18,250 whereas the average library in the group spent $44,507.)
  • Number of audio items available was the lowest of all libraries in the group at 609 (average is 2,497)
  • Circulation of items was below the 25th percentile
    • Children’s books were well below the 25th percentile at 11,209 (average is 30,984)
    • Audio was the minimum number at 1,062 (average is 5,586)
  • Recorded reference questions asked was the minimum number at 109 (average is 4,330)

The most positive statistics was Adult Program Attendance which ranked second from the maximum number at 1,851 (average is 669).


In addressing these concerns:

  • The Director has reviewed with staff the types of questions that qualify as reference and has placed sample questions at each service desk.
  • The Board would like to purchase all Children’s Choice and Iowa Teen Award contenders instead of only the award winners as children will need to read the contenders in order to vote for their favorites.
  • Instead of relying on patron donations for purchasing audio CD’s, this area will need to be supplemented by the materials budget.

Peik moved to increase the materials to $20,000 and review, in 6 months, how much has been received in donations. Seconded by Leo. Motion carried.


The Circulation policy was reviewed. Under the “Teachers and Home School Parents” heading, Oelwein residents who teach in another school district was added for special allowances. Leo moved to accept the change in the Circulation policy. Seconded by Peik. Motion carried.


The next meeting will be held July 12.


Meeting adjourned,

Susan Macken

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