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August 2012 Board Minutes

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes August 9, 2012


The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. at the library.

Present: Berryman, Leo, Ingersoll, Kerns, Gilson, and Macken

Absent: Sherrets


The Library Board presented Linda Ridihalgh and Dennis Pixler with stained glass windows made from the remnants of the windows made for the library in appreciation for their many years of service to the library and for their contributions to the library building project. Steve Peik received a window during his final meeting in June.


President Gilson called the meeting to order.

Kerns moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Berryman. Motion carried.

Leo moved to approve the minutes as written. Seconded by Berryman. Motion carried.


Correspondences: A letter was received from Dianne Frazer stating that she was honored to receive a stained glass window in appreciation for her many years of service to the library and for her contributions to the library building project.


Friend’s Report:

  • A $1200 donation was given to the library to be used to purchase DVD or Blu-ray movies.
  • Friend’s will be purchasing the Jr. Library Guild children’s books subscription at an annual cost of $1368.00
  • Winners of the stained glass window drawing were: Jack Freeman, Callie Berryman, Linda Peik, David Schmidt, Ruth Lau, Marybeth Jaggard, Sue Johnson, Cindy Schrader, and Matt Vogel.

Director’s Report:

  • James Fleming has been hired as a new Library Page.
  • The Mayor and City Council appointed Brett Ingersoll as a new Library Trustee and re-appointed Callie Berryman for another term.
  • Macken will be attending the August 13 City Council meeting to ask permission to use Oakdale Cemetery for an Historical Cemetery Walk on October 26 from 6-8. Costumed interpreters will be assigned to a headstone and tell the life story of the deceased individual. Arlene Miehe and Marybeth Jaggard have volunteered to serve on the committee. The library board is in favor of asking for a free-will donation to be used towards a specified library project.
  • The Oelwein Library has been chosen to host the traveling exhibit, “Civil War 150”. The exhibit will be traveling throughout the United States from October 2012-March 2015. One hundred eighty applications were received and 44 libraries and National Parks were chosen based on a competitive application process. Each site is awarded a grant of $1000 to plan public programming over a three week period.
  • No repairs have been done to the dry wall.
  • Rob from West Plaines spoke with Macken about the ballasts. Macken is to record the date on a lighting “map” as to which ballasts and bulbs have been replaced in attempt to identify a pattern.
  • The library will implement a new program called “Tail Waggin’ Tutors” promoted by Therapy Dogs International where reluctant readers can read to a therapy dog. This program provides a relaxed “dog-friendly” atmosphere which allows children who have difficulty reading to practice their reading skills while petting the attentive dog with all threats of being judged put aside.
  • 293 library patrons participated in the Summer Reading Program including 28 teens, 67 adults, and 198 children. Adults and Teens read 277 books and children read for 437 hours. Nook eReader winners were Helen Meyer, adult; Lacey Englehart, teen; and Jory Mortenson, child.

Bills were reviewed.

  • Five ballasts were replaced on the outside wall sconces.
  • The temperature sensor on the digital sign was replaced. Parts were covered under warranty.
  • Macken and Ricchio will be attending the “Town Meeting” conference in Waterloo sponsored by the State Library.

Leo moved to approve the bills. Seconded by Berryman. Motion carried.


As requested by the board, Macken presented statistics on inter-library loan requests since the implementation of requiring $2.00 towards postage reimbursement as allowed by the State Library. In 2010-11, patrons requested 731 items. After requiring postage reimbursements of $2.00 in 2011-12, patrons ordered 276 items. The board will continue to require $2.00 in postage reimbursement.


The board reviewed the library’s Long Range Plans. Progress has been made towards the goals.


The Conduct in the Library policy was reviewed. A section on Truancy and Ill children was added. Leo moved to accept the revised policy. Seconded by Berryman. Motion carried.


The next board meeting will be September 13.


Berryman moved to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Macken

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