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July 2013 Board Minutes

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes July 15, 2013

The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. at the library.

Present: Kerns, Gilson, Leo, Sherrets, and Macken

Absent: Berryman, Ingersoll


President Gilson called the meeting to order.

Kerns moved to accept the agenda. Seconded by Leo. Motion carried.

Kerns moved to accept the minutes as written. Seconded by Leo. Motion carried.


The board reviewed information on Petty Cash, receiving gifts and memorials, and audits.

There were no correspondences.


Friend's Report:

  • The Friends will purchase $300 worth of shelving for the meeting room storage room.
  • Eight face-out acrylic browsing bins were purchased for the children's area picture books. Usefulness and public reaction will be evaluated before purchasing additional bins.
  • A book display spinner rack was purchased for the Juvenile area for new chapter books.
  • The Cemetery Walk will be on Friday, September 27 from 6-8p.m. Friends will serve hot cider.

Director's Report:

  • Because of the Affordable Care Act, libraries have been asked to assist citizens searching for healthcare insurance using the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace website beginning October 1. The Institute of Museum and Library Services has contracted with Webjunction to develop a toolkit of resources that librarians can use to respond to these requests for information.
  • Unique Management received 137 patron accounts that had fines or unreturned material exceeding $25 from the past 3 years.
  • The Mary L. Chase estate donated $12,081.20 to the Oelwein Public Library Foundation.
  • The Junior Library Guild is offering a new service of audio books pre-loaded on a listening device for middle-school aged children. The devices have a lifetime guarantee. The library purchased a year subscription for 6 audio books for $240.00. Patrons can buy ear buds from the library for $1.00. JLG offered a promotion for 10 complimentary ear buds and 6 children's books with a 1 year subscription.


Bills were reviewed.

  • Macken pointed out that the bill from Unique Management for their service on the retroactive overdue accounts is $1,226.15 but the library will only be billed for half of whatever amount has been collected (i.e. $274.35 payable since $548.70 in overdue fines and materials has been collected to date).
  • Veracity charged a PCI compliance fee which will be reimbursed next billing cycle.
  • The board commented that the utility bill has been less this year due to changes in the air handling system and thermostat settings.

Leo moved to approve the bills. Seconded by Kerns. Motion carried.


Jared Stewart presented plans for improvements to the lot adjacent to the library which includes walkways and a seating area centered around a water feature. A variety of coordinating block/pavers and limestone would be used accented with easy-care landscaping and LED lighting. A two stage process has been proposed. The first stage would include the building of the pathway from E. Charles to the seating area and water feature to commence this fall. The second stage would include the walkway around the evergreen to the library pathway and the planting of the landscape to be done in the spring. The cost for phase one is $24,995.67 and phase two is $21,820.25.




Discussion included:

  • The cost would be approximately $2,800 less if the path to the library was cement instead of pavers.
  • It is recommended to use a poly blade for snowblowing. The city could consider an exemption of the requirement to shovel this area in the winter.
  • The water feature pump is built to remain in the ground throughout the year though it can be removed through an access cover.
  • The Board would like to utilize the limestone from the demolished railroad building if it could be incorporated into the benches or the water feature. This would reduce the cost by approximately $450.
  • The Board would like to use as much local materials and labor as feasible.

Kerns moved to submit the proposal for the development of the Saur Lot to the City Council to begin work this fall and to request a 50% match from the city with the library's half to come from the Bequest Fund. Seconded by Leo. Motion carried. The Library Board requests this item to be placed on the City Council Agenda for the Monday, July 22 meeting.


Kerns talked with Deb Wiegel at the Oelwein Daily Register about sharing the ongoing cost of microfilming and digitizing the newspaper. The newspaper does not preserve back issues and relies on the library's online source. The Library Board will send the ODR a written request for 50% of the ongoing costs.


The 2012-13 budget was reviewed.

  • The Bequest Fund totals $413,559.45. Interest was $4,542.70. Donations from the Friends, Church Williams book sales, and businesses for the Summer Reading Program totaled $9,220.48. The library spent $12,958.23 from the Bequest Fund.
  • $38,368.92 was deposited into the Library General Fund.  Some funds collected include Faxes totaled $1,763.50, Fines and Fees totaled $5,836.95, Gifts and Memorials totaled $2,064.28, Magazine and Book sales totaled $604.94, ILL postage collected was $466.99, and copy charges was $142.62.
  • The amended library budget had a remainder of $3,913.15. $3,259.45 was left over in the Utilities line. Funds for Utilities cannot be requested to carry-over into the next fiscal year budget. Therefore, the remaining amount is $653.70.
  • Leo moved to request the carry-over of $653.70 in unexpended funds from the 2012-13 library budget to be placed in the Office Supply line of the 2013-14 library budget. Seconded by Kerns. Motion carried. This will help pay for the services for Unique Management.


The Staff Responsibilities Policy was reviewed. Leo moved to accept this policy as reviewed. Seconded by Kerns. Motion carried.


The next board meeting will be Thursday, August 8 at 5:30.


Leo moved to adjourn the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Macken

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