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February 2015 Board Minutes

Oelwein Public Library board Minutes February 10, 2015

The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. at the library.

Present: Gilson, Ingersoll, Berryman, Kerns, Leo, and Macken.

Also present: Friends of the Library board members Fick and Pirillo.

Absent: Malget

President Kerns called the meeting to order.

Berryman moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Ingersoll. Motion carried.

Berryman moved to approve the minutes as written. Seconded by Gilson. Motion carried.


Under correspondences, Sue Johnson sent a message stating, "That is such a nice letter of acknowledgement for the book for Tom Cannon. It certainly encourages giving. Wish all of our groups did as good a job of this as the OPL does, but I think all of you do everything very well! Wonderful staff."  Mary Jo Snitker is in charge of recording and sending thank you notes for gifts and memorials.


Trustee Training was a review of part 1 of "Planning for the Library's Future." The board will need to think about writing the library's upcoming five year plan. After the board has finished reviewing the Trustee Handbook, they will begin reviewing the Accreditation manual and standards.


Friend's Report:

  • Chocolate Fest is February 20 from 6-8 p.m. Library board members signed up to contribute baked goods.
  • Pam Banke is a new board member

Mary Fick and Jan Pirillo, representing the FOL board, talked about possibly purchasing insulated window coverings for the children's area to help keep out the cold that radiates in from the north windows during the winter. They will investigate different options and estimates. Oelwein Glass will be inspecting the rubber gaskets for maintenance. Also, it was suggested to install additional stained glass windows in the upper portion of the windows on the south side of the building to help reduce the glare from the sun in the reading rooms.  Lori Leo will talk to Connie Kerns about making windows similar to those installed on the west side of the library. Fick and Pirillo left the meeting.


Director's Report:

  • Kerns and Macken attended the City budget work session to answer questions on the library budget.  Macken shared how the increase in the materials budget was used to improve the children's collection and add language learning software and emagazines. Statistical results indicate increased circulation and patron requests for additional investment in these collections. Kerns shared that contributions from the Library Foundation includes renewing the Ancestry database subscription for $1600 and donating $2000 for the purchase of a Lego Station. Friends of the Library members enjoy seeing their volunteer work and donations invested in guest speakers, program support, and library enhancements.
  • Vogel Insurance reviewed the library insurance with the director. The library building is insured for $2,000,000 and the contents of the library for $575,000. Temporary loss of use insurance is for $100,000. The Friends of the Library have liability coverage. The board would like Macken to ask for clarification on how much the library would receive in the case of catastrophic loss where the entire building and contents would have to be replaced.
  • On February 25, 2013, the city council approved to pay the negative balance ($14,927) in the Library Construction Fund pledges out of Economic Development. To date, this has not been done. The library board recalled that on January 17, 2008, a letter was received from Mayor Murphy stating that the "remaining money ($59,660) [from the Library Construction Fund] has now been returned to the Local Option Sales Tax Fund for Economic Development...". Therefore, Economic Development funds were to be used to close out the Construction Pledge fund. Berryman made a motion for Macken to ask the City Administrator about the plan for closing the Construction Pledge fund. Seconded by Leo. Motion carried.
  • The new wireless access points have a report feature that allows the library to count the daily number of wireless usages. For the month of January, the wireless count was 915 uses. Patrons no longer have trouble obtaining good signal strength as the new access points have a wider range.

Bills were reviewed. The KWH usage on the electric bill has declined in comparison to last year. Ingersoll noted the inside glass of the fireplace needs to be cleaned. Gilson moved to accept the bills. Seconded by Leo. Motion carried.


Berryman made a motion to accept the Bequest Fund Budget Request for $50,000 with $30,000 designated for library enhancements. Seconded by Gilson. Motion carried.


Water seeped in through the foundation in the genealogy section of the library. Ice had built up on the brick on that side of the library. The floor level brick is set at ground level so water was able to seep in, possibly through the weep holes. Cory from Larson Construction took pictures of the area. Macken will ask the custodian if the water stain on the carpet should be cleaned immediately or if it will be alright to wait until the scheduled spring carpet cleaning.


The Middle School students will be hosting a community water walk and awareness event at the Husky Stadium on May 2. The students have called their program "NE Iowa Walks for Water" and have a goal of fundraising money to contribute to the digging of a well in Sudan and educating the community about water conservation in our area and the need for safe well water in Sudan. Different area organizations will be involved in this event. Ingersoll made a motion to promote this community event on the outdoor message board. Seconded by Gilson. Motion carried.


The board would like the library staff to attend "Frontline Staff and the Issue of Civility" customer service class sponsored by the State Library. Some of the staff will attend the Independence class and some will attend the Charles City class so the library will be able to remain open.


In March of 2013, the library decided to allow international faxes. The library received its first request to send an international fax and found out that the fax line is restricted from making international calls. A fee of $20 would be assessed to remove the restriction. Leo made a motion to remove the international faxing option from the Fax Policy. Seconded by Berryman. Motion carried.


Patrons have enjoyed the new emagazines and have requested to have more magazines added. Ingersoll made a motion to order "Atlantic" and "Consumer Reports Buying Guide". Seconded by Leo. Motion carried.


Discussion was held on whether the library should allow for-profit groups to rent the library meeting room. Ingersoll made the motion to only allow non-profit groups to use the meeting room during library hours with a refundable room deposit of $50. Seconded by Berryman. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned,

Susan Macken


Next library board meeting on MONDAY, March 9 at 5:30 p.m.


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