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Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes April 2010.

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes April 6, 2010

The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. at the library.

Present: Ridihalgh, Peik, Pixler, Ryan, Leo, Gilson, and Macken
Absent: None

President Ridihalgh called the meeting to order.
Peik moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Pixler. Motion carried.
Leo moved to approve the minutes as written. Seconded by Peik. Motion carried.
Correspondences: none
The board viewed the trustee training video on Board/Director relationships.

Friend’s Report:
•    Next meeting will be April 12.

Director’s Report:
•    Thirty middle school aged children attended the library Lock-in.
•    The library did not receive the Community Foundation Grant for the pergola.
•    The library received the Smart Investing Grant administered by ALA and FINRA. The library will receive $500 worth of investing materials and training for staff on investment resources. ISU will teach a 6 week course on investing for 3 different age groups.
•    Bear Services from Wisner, NE sent a letter requesting a renewal for inspection of the property for termites for $840.00. The board decided not to renew the contract.

March bills were reviewed. Leo pointed out that the electric bill was still high. Macken will do some bill comparisons and contact Alliant Energy and Young’s Plumbing and Heating.
Macken stated that 2 computer monitors had to be replaced.
Leo moved to accept the bills. Seconded by Gilson. Motion carried.

Macken presented the budget line items for FY2010-11 for the board to review. The building line was increased by $1000.00 to cover the cost of cleaning the carpeting, the materials line was reduced to $.00, janitorial supplies was increased by $200.00, communications was reduced by $1,095.00 (the library will depend on e-rate funding to cover 60% of the telephone and fax costs),  utilities was reduced by $2,089.00, equipment was reduced by $448.00. Enrich Iowa funding from the state was discussed. Macken had anticipated a reduction in this funding which was reflected in the library budget proposal, but the council increased this funding in the anticipated revenue. The Legislative session has closed and funding for Enrich Iowa was reduced by $500,000.00. Leo moved to accept the 2010-11 budget. Seconded by Peik. Motion carried.

Macken shared with the board information she had gathered from Iowa libraries and city hall in regards to city pay scales and unions and library employees. Some cities have had outside firms conduct job audits and revise pay ranges. Library employees are included in city pay scales because the librarians are city employees since the public library is a city agency paid from the city’s general fund in the form of appropriation. It was noted that including library employees on the city pay scale would eliminate the discussion by all city employees that some city employees receive more pay or a higher percentage pay increase than those in comparable positions. As requested, Macken received wage schedules and classifications from city hall. After review of these documents, the board would like to pursue a multi-step process towards pay equity. The board will continue to update the library job descriptions and will compare the qualifications, requirements, and responsibilities with the job descriptions of other city employees. The board would like to invite the city council to work with them in sessions in a joint effort on achieving pay equity.  The council and the board can determine the appropriate classification for library employees.

The board reviewed the updated job description for the Assistant Director. Gilson moved to accept the revised job description. Seconded by Pixler. Motion carried.

Ryan informed the board that the Farmer’s Market will be in the parking lot next to the library. Picnic tables will be placed on the adjoining property. Macken mentioned there are large rocks on the property from the work done there last Fall. Ryan will notify the Parks Department that the rocks will need to be removed before the upcoming mowing season.

Gilson moved to adjourn. Seconded by Pixler. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Macken

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