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July 2011 Board Minutes

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes July 14, 2011

The Oelwein Public Library Board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 5:15 p.m. at the library.

Present: Leo, Peik, Berryman, Gilson, Kerns, Ryan, and Macken
Absent: none

President Gilson called the meeting to order.
Leo moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Peik. Motion carried.
Leo moved to approve the minutes as written. Seconded by Berryman. Motion carried.
No Correspondences.

Friend’s Report:
•    Discussed special programs coming up this year for children and adults.
•    Members will provide food from South America for the final Summer Reading Program event.
•    Friend’s purchased a table mover.
Director’s Report:
•    Nicki from HomePages wanted to know if the library would like to buy an advertisement in their telephone book. The board declined.
•    The Iowa General Assembly approved the reorganization of Iowa library services as part of the education appropriations bill. Funding for the new Iowa Library Services agency was cut 8.7% and funding for the Enrich Iowa program for libraries was cut 25.5%. No updates on Iowa Workforce Development offices relocating computer software to libraries.
•    The library dropped from Tier 3 Accredited status to Tier 1 since the materials budget did not meet the set criteria. Macken estimated a budget of $30,000 for materials would be required to meet the standard. In the 2010-11 fiscal year, $17,603 was spent using memorials, grants, and Bequest money. The board decided to spend approximately $15,000 this year for materials emphasizing books for Young Adults, Awards books for children, and Junior Library Guild books. The periodicals will be maintained. No DVD’s will be purchased with the exception of donations from the Friends specified for DVD’s.

Bills were reviewed.
•    Since the Grout Museum had a problem with their last program at the library, they offered to put on another program at no charge. This program is scheduled for September.
•    Macken asked West Plaines Engineering to cover the cost of the test and balance for the HVAC system as it was determined that it has a design flaw. Steve Jenner-John is inquiring. Meanwhile, the library will pay for the testing.
•    The router was replaced as the internet had been going offline several times a day. This seems to have fixed the problem.
Peik moved to accept the bills. Seconded by Leo. Motion carried.

West Plaines and Young’s were at the library this past week modifying the return air duct system to allow more air flow. The four fans will need to be rebalanced. West Plaines will cover this cost and will inquire about reimbursing the library for the previous testing used to determine if there was a problem. West Plaines felt the utility bills were higher than estimated ($.75 per square foot) and asked to take the latest utility bill for evaluation.
No further updates on the roof. Jeff Soash has not fixed the light ballasts.

The cities of Quasqueton, Rowley, and Stanley have not signed contracts with any libraries for service, particularly Buchanan County Libraries. Leo moved to follow the Iowa Code and support other libraries by not providing service to patrons whose cities have not signed and paid for a library services contract. Seconded by Peik. Motion carried. The director will make a brief hand out for staff to give patrons affected by this decision explaining the situation, referencing the Iowa Code, and giving contact information for their respective cities for addressing their concerns.

Police Chief Logan presented a Vehicle Maintenance Plan for departments using the van. The Police Department will keep a spreadsheet logging which department uses the vehicle and their destination. Repairs costs beyond routine maintenance will be pro-rated based on the usage log over a 36 month period. Kerns moved to approve the Maintenance Plan from the Police Department. Seconded by Berryman. Motion carried. Library Staff will use the van at their discretion.

The end-of-the-year budget was discussed. Line items were within budget with the exception of building repairs and maintenance and utilities. Kerns moved to carry-over $2,140.50 of the $3,775.99 remaining salary line in order to follow the recommendation from the Planning and Finance Committee to raise the librarians’ salaries to a starting wage of $9.00 per hour beginning July 1, 2011. Seconded by Leo. Motion carried.

Edith Biddinger has been employed full-time by the library for 15 years. Susan Ricchio has been employed full-time for 10 years. In recognition of their service, they will receive, at the July 25th Council Meeting, a service award pin and a certificate for the Rec Room to purchase a Positively Oelwein clothing item of their choice not to exceed $25.00.

The Confidentiality of Library Records policy was reviewed. Leo moved to accept the policy. Seconded by Kerns. Motion carried.

Berryman moved to adjourn. Seconded by Peik. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Macken

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