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August 2011 Board Minutes

Oelwein Public Library Board Minutes August 10, 2011

The Oelwein Public Library board of Trustees held its regular board meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 5:15 p.m. at the library.

Present: Peik, Leo, Kerns, Berryman, Ryan, and Macken
Absent: Gilson

Vice-President Peik called the meeting to order.
The agenda was approved.
Leo moved to approve the minutes. Seconded by Kerns. Motion carried.

A thank you letter was received from the Jim Macken family thanking the board for the memorial gift which will be used to purchase a book for the library.

Friend’s Report:
•    The Annual Meeting will be Tuesday, September 20 at 7:00 p.m. A speaker will be presenting a program on Thailand. Library Board members are encouraged to attend.
•    The Friend’s would be interesting in purchasing the library periodical subscriptions and the Junior Library Guild books.
•    Book Sale money has been used to support special library programs for adults and children.
Director’s Report:
•    The State Library and the Library Service Areas have been restructured to serve libraries as one organization.
•    Iowa Work Force Development offices will be closing. Fayette Library has been the first library in the county to receive the “LEAP” software to be used as an access point for job searchers.
•    Stanley has signed a library services contract with Buchanan County.
•    Homeland Security visited the library on June 23. A report was received listing suggested security items for the board to consider.  The board thought it would be important to run background checks on new employees.
•    The director has been invited to join the Ambassadors. Leo moved to purchase the “Red Blazer” worn by members using the Bequest Fund. Seconded by Kerns. Motion carried. The blazer will be used by the library director as an Ambassador when attending different events promoting the community.
•    The Library “Town Meeting” conference will take place in Waterloo on September 8. Therefore, the next library board meeting will be Thursday, September 15 at 5:15 p.m.
•    As part of the Smart Investing Grant, the library will be receiving a three year subscription to Bloomberg Markets and Better Investing magazines at no cost.

Bills were reviewed. Kerns moved to accept the bills. Seconded by Leo. Motion carried.

Adjustments have been made to the air handling units to allow more return airflow. The changes will not be implemented until the system has been rebalanced.

Leaks in the roof were discovered after a driving rain. The leaks occurred where there has been ice dam damage. Burg stated that these areas will be investigated and fixed when the contractors alter the stone caps.
Dean’s Lightbox removed the heat tape from the library roof this week. It was their plan to only replace the heat tape on the meeting room portion of the library as the rest of the library should not require heat tape because of improvements that have been made in regards to proper ventilation. Burg spoke with Dean’s and indicated that all of the roof should have the heat tape installed properly because that is what was initially purchased. Burg reported to the director that Dean’s would be presenting different options to the board including the option of a full refund. The board would consider the refund option.

The City Council approved the library carry-over request at the July 25th meeting. The request was then put on the August 8th council agenda for re-discussion. The City Administrator felt the council did not fully understand the request. Some of the discussion points at the board meeting included:
•    The assistant librarians would be receiving a $0.50 raise which would bring the base rate up to the recommended $9.00/hr starting wage therefore creating a “domino effect” on the hourly wages of other librarians. If all assistant librarian wages were not increased, a librarian employed for one year would be earning less than a new hire and a librarian employed for 4 years with certification would be earning $0.90 more than the new hire.
•    The assistant librarians will either receive a 2% raise this year or will receive a $0.50 raise, but not both.
•    At the $0.50 increase, the percentage rate paid to the assistant librarians would range between 3.35% - 5.88% with the lowest paid librarian receiving the largest raise in order to reach the $9.00/hr starting wage. This range of percentages is higher than other city employees’ raises of 1.75%.
•    Even though ½ the city employees earn less than $9.00/hr., an extremely high percentage of these employees are seasonal, summertime workers such as the high school students working at the pool and the persons working at the cemetery during the mowing season. Conversely, the assistant librarians are not seasonal and work throughout the entire year either as full time employees or permanent part-time employees.
•    The city council can approve the library carry-over request but, the Mayor reminded the council that the library board decides how the library budget is allocated.
•    The decision made on this year’s salaries will impact future budgets.
 The council did not rescind the vote.  The mayor requested the library board meet with Nathan Lein who is chairman of the Planning and Finance Committee and come back to the city council with a recommendation. The director is working with Lein on setting up a meeting time.

The library board does not approve of the method used by the city administrator to speak with the library director on matters of contention by singling out and withholding the librarians’ paystubs in his office instead of distributing them through the city clerk or the front mailboxes as done with the other department heads.  This has occurred on February 4th and August 5th. The Library Board advises pre-arranged meetings convenient for both parties with the topic of discussion known ahead of time allowing proper documents to be referenced and solutions to be discussed in a professional manner.

The pre-paid computer tech support hours with Premier will be used up after the circulation desk computer is fixed. Premier Technology charges $85 per hour or $75 per hour for a 20 hour contract. Network Solutions is a company that has specialized computer technicians. They charge $120 per hour or $110 per hour for a 10 hour contract. The board decided to not purchase a pre-paid contract and use Premier for tech support with Network Solutions as a back-up provider.
Macken will talk to City Laundry about their experience using Network Solutions.

The Open Meetings Law policy was reviewed. Leo moved to accept the policy as revised. Seconded by Berryman. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned,
Susan Macken

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