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Long Range Plan

Plan of Service

Oelwein Public Library Long Range Plan for 2016-2019


MISSION STATEMENT:  The foundation for a future of life-long learning.


SERVICE RESPONSE:  Create Young Readers

  GOAL: Children and their caregivers will have access to materials, programs and services designed to enhance their interests
  and promote reading, writing, and listening.

    OBJECTIVE: Annually invite a children's author to give a presentation.

    OBJECTIVE: A series of Family Literacy Nights will be delivered by 2018.


SERVICE RESPONSE: Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning

  GOAL: Residents will have the materials, resources, and programs they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue
  to  learn throughout their lives.

    OBJECTIVE: Residents will have the opportunity to attend bi-annual informational community forums designed to address
     local  concerns.

    OBJECTIVE: Continue to apply, annually, for traveling exhibitions sponsored, in part, by the American Library Association.

    OBJECTIVE: Provide opportunities for teens to engage with each other through book clubs and writing groups by 2019.


SERVICE RESPONSE:  Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces

  GOAL: Residents will have safe and welcoming places to meet and interact with others or to pursue personal interests independently.

    OBJECTIVE: By 2017, a library Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan will be completed.

    OBJECTIVE: A library building maintenance plan will be developed by 2019.






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