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Loan Periods and Fees

Lists length of checkout times and fees. For a complete copy of this policy, please ask at the circulation desk.

Loan Periods

Books : 14 days

Magazines: 14 days

 CD’s:  14 days.

 DVD’s:  3 days with one renewal period.  There is a limit of 3 DVD’s per check out.

  If there is no reserve on the material, it may be renewed twice by calling or stopping in the library.
  Patrons may check out no more than 30 items at one time.


material may be checked out and kept overnight, to be returned when library opens next day.  It can not be re-checked out within the next 24 hours.





The library may charge fines or fees to encourage compliance with rules which promote fair and equal access to limited resources. The library may assess fees or pass through cost for use of resources outside this institution.


Library Card

· Initial card - no charge.

· Replacement card - $2.00

Overdue Material

· Patrons are instructed on length of time material may be used.

· Materials returned in the book drop after closing are considered returned the next day the library is open.


· Telephone calls and notices are sent at regular intervals to cardholders with overdue library materials.

· The last notice is a bill for the retail price of the item.

· Long overdue accounts may be submitted to a collection agency and/or to a local law enforcement agency for further action.
(See Code of Iowa, Chapter 714.5, Theft of Library Materials and Equipment).

Lost or Damaged Materials

The cardholder is responsible for

· Retail price of lost item.

  o Magazines - $1.00.

· Repair cost of damaged item.

  o Repairable item - $2.00

  o Discarded item – Retail price of item

· Materials checked out on lost or stolen card prior to notification of card’s loss.

· The library will absorb the replacement cost of lost or damaged library materials if the items were lost or damaged due to a catastrophic disaster, the patron does not have insurance, and the items were not overdue.

Suspension of Privileges

· Library privileges will be suspended if a patron has

o A fee of $2.00 or more

o Overdue material

o Lost material

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