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Gifts and Donations

The Oelwein Public Library encourages individuals and organizations to support library services through gifts, donations, and memorials. The library will maintain an active development program through the Oelwein Public Library Foundation, which operates exclusively for the benefit of the Oelwein Public Library. [ Iowa Code 392.5 and Oelwein Municipal Code 3.134 (10)]

Gifts and Donations
August 10, 2006
Revised 1/21/10, 11/10/10
Reviewed 4/12/12, 11/17/15


Gift Funds:

  • Funds received from gifts, memorials, cash, and securities are directed either to the Oelwein Public Library or the Oelwein Public Library Foundation as requested by the donor.
  • Unspecific donations will be automatically be deferred to the Foundation.
  • Donations will be used for the public benefit of the library service as approved by the library board of trustees.
  • Funds designated for materials will be purchased in accordance with the materials selection policy. Suggestions for subject areas or other areas of interest are welcome.
  • The Oelwein Public Library, in cooperation with the Oelwein Public Library Foundation, will make an effort to inform potential donors of the options for donations and the possible tax credits for endowment donations under the Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program.

Real Property:

  • Gifts and bequests of real property are accepted upon approval of such gift by the library board of trustees.
  • Trustees may require appraisal, title opinion, boundary survey, environmental assessment, or other professional evaluations at the expense of the donor prior to acceptance of real estate.

Works of Art and Other Personal Property of Value:

  • Works of art or other personal property of value (e.g. collectibles) received as a gift or bequest may be accepted by the library board of trustees.
  • The donor is responsible for an appraisal when an art work, collectible, or other personal item is donated to the library to obtain a tax benefit.
  • Such works of art and other personal property of value may either be retained as property of the library or liquidated for cash funds, at the discretion of the library board of trustees.
  • A good faith effort will be made to return works of art or other property of value to the donor if the library withdraws the item from the collection.

Books and Other Media:

  • The library accepts the donation of books and contemporary media formats.
  • Items will be added to the collection in accordance with the materials selection policy of the Oelwein Public Library.
  • Once donated, items become the property of the Oelwein Public Library and may be added to the collection; donated to other libraries or non-profit agencies; sold through the Friends of the Oelwein Public Library for the benefit of the library; or discarded.
  • Donated items will not be returned to the donor and the library will not accept any item that is not an outright gift.
  • The library reserves the right to decide when a gift added to the collection must be withdrawn.
  • The library will provide a receipt of the donated items but will not set a fair market or appraised value to any item. If items are donated to obtain a tax benefit, it is the donor's responsibility to establish such value.

Acceptance of Gifts :

  • Acceptance of any gift, including cash, securities, real and personal property, will be determined by the library board based on their suitability to the purposes and needs of the library, laws and regulations that govern the ownership of the gift, and the library's ability to meet the requirements, if any, associated with the donation.
  • The library board reserves the right to refuse or reject any gift.
  • The library will not accept gifts which would require or cause the library to act in violation of established policies forbidding discrimination, particularly on the grounds of age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, physical or mental disabilities, race, ethnicity, or national origin.

Donor Recognition:

  • Materials purchased with bequests, memorial, or honorary contributions will be identified with special donor plates whenever possible.
  • At the request of the donor, notification of memorial or honorary contributions will be sent to the family of the person recognized.
  • Recognition of monetary and accepted items in excess of $500 in value will be made at a centrally designated area of the library.
  • Upon request, the library board will honor requests to refrain from acknowledging a donor in conformance to applicable state laws on confidentiality.

[Iowa Code 22.7.52a (5)]

Gifts to Employees:

  • The Oelwein Public Library employees are subject to the gift law outlined in the provisions of the Iowa Gift Act.
    [Senate File 480]
  • The Oelwein Public Library employees and their family members shall accept no gift of value exceeding $2.99.
    [City of Oelwein Personnel Policy Manual, Gift Policy 7.11]


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