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Safe Patron Policy

Safe Patron
October 18, 2007
Revised 10/08/09, 12/10/09, 7/08/14, 4/11/17

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians/caregivers to supervise and monitor the behavior and safety of their children or persons in need of a caregiver at all times.

· Children under the age seven (7) must be accompanied by a responsible person at least fourteen (14) years old.

· The library is not responsible for children or persons in need of a caregiver left in the building.

· If a child under the age of 16 or a person in need of a caregiver is left unattended after the library closes:

o Under no circumstances shall a library staff member take said person out of the building.

o The librarian will try to locate the parent/guardian/caregiver within 10 minutes after closing.

o If a parent or caregiver cannot be located or does not take responsibility of the said person within 15 minutes after the library has closed, the police will be called to take charge of said person.

o A charge of $1.00 per minute from time of closing until the said person leaves the care of the librarian will be assessed to the said person’s library account.

Librarians cannot act in loco parentis. The legal obligation that schools and day care facilities have to provide adequate supervision to children is not imposed on public libraries Library facilities are neither designed for nor licensed to provide childcare.





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