The library installed new carpet in July 2020.
The main library is now open for you to browse books and movies.
Check out our new carpet, too!

On Monday, July 6th, library staff, volunteers, and Rotary members started clearing out the library to make way for new carpet. We rented a shelf mover system called a Gondola Train. This allowed us to move shelves with the books still intact. The library's new carpet is part of the City's Capital Improvement Plan and a grant from the Northeast Iowa Charitable Foundation. Stay tuned for more updates. Pictures found below. More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020, our old carpet was pulled up, rolled up and out the door. Time to sand and prep.


Friday, July 10th, sanding, scraping and sweeping are what's happening today to prep for laying new carpet.



Monday, July 13th, the floor prep work is done, the carpet glue has been applied and new carpet is being applied to the west side of the library.



Wednesday, July 15th, carpeting almost completed on west side. Now it's time to measure, measure and more measuring to mark where the book shelves will be put back in place.?



Thursday, July 16th, was shelf moving day. A BIG thank you goes out to the Oelwein Baseball team, coaches and volunteers for helping make this a speedy success! The library's east side is ready for new carpet. Looking forward to sharing with you.



Wednesday, July 22nd, the east side of the library has been prepped and new carpet is being laid. Looks great!
Won't be long now.


The finished product.